Tacket Brown is a drummer, producer and educator based in Seattle, WA - the birthplace of grunge rock and home to some of the best musicians in the states.  His talents span almost every genre from acoustic music with Universal Music recording artist Hayley Sales to the electronic and eclectic neo funk band Jonny Sonic.  Having a degree in music from the world famous University of Michigan School of Music he is equally comfortable behind a drum kit as he is behind a set of percussion instruments.  His first professional gig was in his teens performing with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra - the youngest member at the time.  Since then, he’s gone on to perform countless concerts across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Argentina and Thailand and has appeared as a guest artist on over 40 albums.

He currently resides in the Seattle metro area where he co-owns and runs Spaghetti Fire Productions, a studio specifically built for his “tracks by mail” practice as well as sound design and composition/production for film, interactive games and regional artists.  When not in the studio or on tour, he spends his time teaching students the fundamentals of music and drumming at the critically acclaimed DigiPen Institute of Technology where he is a member of the music faculty.